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New project: offroad game.




I focused my imagination on game art, trying to create a beautiful world where players may want to explore and drive.

The first quest could be: Find a way out of the forest.

Here is a little showcase of what I made:


Edit: 27.04.2020

The goal was to get the better I could out of a 4096x4096 map, after months work trying all possibilities I obtained a good decor and great area for an offroad game.

Performances are a bit slow but so much models was added - I never thought I could obtain this until I found that the shapes and the collisions are slowing the map extremly and did ruin the positive effect of using SetViewRange(Far) or (Medium) on the models to get better performances.

So I developped a method that removes the shape and add them to the models that are only near the player, in a dynamic way. And now almost an infinity of models can be added ? And all the trees or the stone can possibly get a script to be cut down or harvested or whatever. Each model stays unique.

So this density could be possible:




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