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Prototype completed.



The prototype is finished, and the mechanics of the game can be given way.  It has established a desert terrain in the form of dunes, this implies that there are no cannons or anything similar, because Leadwerks does not allow a terrain to cast shadows on that same terrain and this looks visually rare.

So the terrain is like low-slope dunes. On the other hand, I think the texture of the terrain is already the definitive one, with the possibility of changes and suggestions on the part of those involved in this project.

On the other hand we have taken the model of a habitat of the nasa, which certainly looks very nice. 

The next steps, are to establish the starting point of the player, this must start near the capsule return to Mars somewhere on the map of 2024 x 2.

And think about the first thing you should do, repair your suit? Seek a shelter? things like that.  


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9 hours ago, Thirsty Panther said:

Just accepted your invitation to join. 

I don't have a lot of free time but will try to contribute when I can.

Thank you Thirsty Panther for joined us ! Sure you do what you can bright it as contribution :)

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