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Ultra Engine (Leadwerks 5) beta updated with strip lights and texture scrolling



A new update is available for beta subscribers.

What's new

  • Added support for strip lights. To create these just call CreateLight(world, LIGHT_STRIP). The entity scale on the Z axis will determine the length of the line, and the outer range will determine the radius in which light shows.
  • Added new properties to the JSON material scheme. "textureScroll" is a float value that can animate a texture to make it smoothly move. "textureScrollRotation" is an angle to control which direction the texture moves. An example material is included.
  • Renamed "albedoMap", "normalMap", "emissionMap", "displacementMap", and "brdfMap" to "baseTexture", "normalTexture", "emissionTexture", "displacementTexture", and "brdfTexture" in JSON material scheme.
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Recommended Comments

11 minutes ago, TheConceptBoy said:

Any chance you will look into emissive texture maps casting light as well?

Yes. The voxel raytracing system will hopefully handle this.

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3 hours ago, Josh said:

Yes. The voxel raytracing system will hopefully handle this.

Make this another property in the json file so it can be toggled. ?

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