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Lighting in Vulkan



I have basic point lights working in the Vulkan renderer now. There are no shadows or any type of reflections yet. I need to work out how to set up a depth pre-pass. In OpenGL this is very simple, but in Vulkan it requires another complicated mess of code. Once I do that, I can add in other light types (spot, box, and directional) and pull in the PBR lighting shader code. Then I will add support for a cubemap skybox and reflections, and then I will upload another update to the beta.


Shadows will use variance shadow maps by default. With these, all objects must cast a shadow, but our renderer is so fast that this is not a problem. I've had very good results with these in earlier experiments.

I then want to complete my work on voxel-based global illumination and reflections. I looked into Nvidia RTX ray tracing but the performance is awful even with a GEForce 2080. My voxel approach should provide good results with fast performance.

Once these features are in place, I may release the new engine on Steam as a programming SDK, until the new editor is ready.

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9 hours ago, Lethal Raptor Games said:

Looking good.  If you do release it to Steam will it be a subscription also?

For all products I plan to offer a subscription and a pay-once model.

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