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Driving car experience with 4.6




That's what I obtained for driving experience with 4.6.

For me it's ok, just the distance of the wheels to the cars are growing too much while getting speed.

Sounds have to get upgraded too


I add a video that show car driving possibilities in the down-scaled world I want to create with an own scaled character controller. The idea is to obtain with this a bigger world lol

So everything is under scaled, the car too.

It's not GTA 6 but it's very ok for what I expect because I like when the car you drive is shaking on the road, as too much polished is not realistic enough, as you could not feel the ruggedness of the world you are playing in . I think the cars in gta 5 are definitvly too polished as you cannot reverse them for example, making the game a way too sanitized.





Progress of this update 02/2019:









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I have solved the shaking. I have not solved some weird collision problems when it falls on its side.

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You are sometimes kind of mysterious Josh ? but ok!

I want to say: If you can make vehicles without shaking, it is worth to add them as feature, even if they don't reach ultra speed. Some users may definetly enjoy the possibilities, don't you think ?


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