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Test: Customizable NPC controller




Working out of this subject:


I tested a script for a simple "GoToPoint()" function for a customizable character controller for NPC. This may not be so good as the implemented LE character controller with classic navigation system but it could be promising to use it in open world (so not in much corridored dungeon game!) where the the NPC should crawl or swim or whatever do things as for example underscaled world (thats what I am actually interested in ?)

The NPCs are using an "intelligent" World:Pick() system to find their way.

The positive things in this are:

- No need nav mesh to be build / free moving system

- dynamic way searching so removing a block may let the NPCs go through

- swim, crawl, crouch with triggers should be no problem

- NPC are not only following a prepared way but they can be thrown as Patrol, choosing randomize positions to go, inside an area.

- Scale as you want

- The system let the NPC make a little analyse out of the Pick Infos so the way should be a human-logical way ;)


The negative point are:

- The path will not be planned so far as allows the actually Navigation Leadwerks System so it is for sure not impossible that a NPC doesn't find the best way to go.

This system does definiv not allow a NPC to "know" his way through the entire map. All NPCs are trying to find the best way from the position where they stay at the mooment, so never sure if/what they will find (no return of true/false that let you know the NPC found a way...)

(even if this could be solved with "forcing" through a pivot where the way may be too complicated to find...)

- The NPCs doen't move "round" but straight from point to point.

- For sure more...? ?

Here is a little demo:



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