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First performance demonstration



I am proud to show off our first performance demonstration which proves that my idea for the Leadwerks 5 renderer works. To test the renderer I created 100,000 instanced boxes. The demo includes both regular and a mock VR mode that simulates single-pass stereoscopic rendering with a geometry shader.

The hardware I tested on is an Intel i7-4770R (for graphics too) which is a few years old.

Now this is not a perfect benchmark for several reasons. There is no frustum culling being performed, the renderer just adds everything into the scene and renders it. I am not showing threaded and non-threaded performance side by side. You may also see all objects disappear for a single frame occasionally, and some triangles may be discarded prematurely in stereoscopic mode.

However, the results are incredible and worth bragging about. In normal mode, with a polygon load of 1.2 million per frame, this little machine with integrated graphics is getting 115 FPS, and in mock VR mode (2.4 million polys) it is hovering right around 90! With 100,000 objects, on integrated graphics!

Alpha subscribers can download the test now.


The secret of this massive performance is an efficient architecture built to unlock the full power of your graphics hardware. Below you can see that GPU utilization is around 95%:


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I always feel like these are more meaningful when there is something to compare them to.  In this case: the current Leadwerks with the same scene.

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Doing the same thing in Leadwerks 4 results in 8-9 FPS. So under heavy loads like this we are already seeing more than a 10x increase.

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Basic frustum culling bumped performance up to 400 FPS and 300 in VR mode. That's a 44x improvement over Leadwerks 4, which was already fast, but just not designed to handle these enormous demands.

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This is really impressive Josh, can't wait for the release. However still I feel like the instanced rendering is carrying here :P I'd love to see how much faster LE5 handles animated meshes than LE4. Perhaps a demo of this in the future? :)

Also, I thought you said LE4 has frustum culling when I was complaining about GPU occlusion culling?

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Yes, LE4 has frustum culling. Leadwerks 5 just has a much more efficient system of producing the same lists of visible objects.

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