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4.6 Beta Available with Multiplayer Support



An update is available on the beta branch on Steam that adds support for multiplayer games with the following features:

  • NAT punch-through with relay server fallback.
  • Connectionless peer-to-peer UDP messages with multiple channels and optional reliable flag.
  • Public server list of available games to play.
  • Voice-over-IP for in-game chat (and taunts).

The new multiplayer system will open up a new range of game types that can be easily created with Leadwerks Game Engine.

These features are still being tested and are only available in the Windows build right now.

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I have an idea on trying my old GvB game. Should be reasonable and fairly simple since it’s turned based. Seems like forever since I worked on that and I’ve learned a few tricks since then so really excited to give it a try with this new multiplayer support.


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When I switch to the beta branch Steam starts downloading an update. Only the C++ lib has been updated. The editor will still say 4.5.

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24 minutes ago, fhl42 said:

is there no sample level or a multiplayer menu,or tutorial how to use it

It's beta so documentation will be nonexistent right now. It's only for the brave at this point, but it's there in the header files.

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