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"The Zone" DLC Released



Explore our reimagining of the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone with The Zone asset pack.  This package contains over three gigabytes of high-quality game assets prepared to take advantage of the latest Leadwerks features.  Use our ready-made map (included) to start your game or create your own post-apocalyptic environment.

Get it now on Steam with a discount during launch week.



"The Zone" DLC includes the following assets:

  • 24 terrain textures
  • 11 buildings (plus 2 background buildings)
  • 4 types of bridges
  • 2 types of fences
  • 6 crates
  • 3 cargo containers
  • 12 signs
  • 13 rocks
  • 7 gravestones
  • 8 plants
  • 39 junk and debris models
  • 20 furniture models
  • Barriers
  • Railway tracks
  • Diesel locomotive and boxcar
  • 2 skyboxes
  • And much more...


Polygon Count: 30-46985
Textures: Diffuse, Normal, Specular
Texture Resolution: 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048
Collision Shapes: Yes
Source Files: FBX, MAX, PSD, JPG, PNG, BMP





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I am glad you all get to see this in Leadwerks 4.5. It only happened with the insistence and hard work of @AggrorJorn Let me know how you like exploring The Zone:D

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Any chance of the MAX files being replaced with a more generic format like FBX or OBJ? This seems an unusual choice. Maybe time was a factor?



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The map is very nice and there is a lot of nice content but I'm getting FPS score a bit lower than I might have hoped to see. I also expected that the map might not be as highly optimised as a final game level so it was partly expected. 

I'm running the map on an RX480 and getting a bit over 30fps typically. I would hope to get around 60fps at 1080p on a such a scene if well optimised (I mean in a typical published game that might be on a different engine with different ways to optimise). 

Don't think there are any LODS in effect  yet many largish building remain visible at quite long range. 

Don't think LUA should be much of a factor given there is (AFAIK) almost no scripts set up (given it starts with a spectator camera).

I expect trees probably eat a lot and close vegetation shadows but for such as scene they probably can't be changed much to gain much speed and still carry the quality of the scene.

Anyone got any opinions on what they would do to get this map to run at nearer 60fps on mid-range card such as a RX480?

I expect it might be a lot of work so just curious as to opinions rather than something I plan to attempt.  As an official release it provides a good reference for examining performance and ways of tackling it.


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Vegetation and water are probably causing most of the slowdown. There's a lot of it, and then the water doubles the rendering cost. If you set water quality to 0 it will probably run noticeably faster.

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On 12/22/2017 at 4:04 PM, mdgunn said:

Any chance of the MAX files being replaced with a more generic format like FBX or OBJ? This seems an unusual choice. Maybe time was a factor?

This was the most difficult part in getting this pack finished. Most of this was originally created in the old LE2 art pipeline which used a direct exporter from 3ds max. When we went through the files, we found there wasn't really a 1:1 correlation to the final game-ready file and the source art file. So Jorn did the best he could to make sure all source files we had were included.

There is a free student version of 3ds max you could use to export the files.

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