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Item Creator & City Impressions

Phodex Games


Hey :) its me again,

as you can see I was working hard :). As I want to spend as much time as possible on the project, lets quickly go through whats new.

This is the first version of the PHFW (Phodex Framework) Toolkit now including the "Item Creator", besides the recently presented Animation Manager. I guess the picture is pretty self explaining ;).


The Item Creator generates a file out of the settings you made which then can be loaded into the "Item Script" inside Leadwerks. The creator makes it very easy and fun creating new interesting items and definetly improves your workflow, which is one of the aims of the Phodex Framework.


In the following you can see how the test city I build of my test level scene enhances:


As last time here is your Gamedev Tip :):


Game Dev Tip #2:

If you are searching for a simple and quick solution for creating textures this tool may be interesting for you. It is ideal for beginners, you can quickly get cool results and its really cheap. With some training you can create pretty noticable textures with this tool called Zeuxis: Procedural Texture Generator.

Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/366550/Zeuxis__procedural_texture_generator/#


Thats it for this time, I hope you enjoyed reading :). As promised last time, I tried to focus even more on visual content. Do you like that? Does it make reading my Blog more interesting. Feel free to tell me your toughts! Next time I will get more general, about how and if the Phodex Framework gets published, so be excited and as always stay cool :cool:!

Markus from Phodex

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