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Don't you just hate it when that happens ...

Marleys Ghost


I started out this morning looking to update a test scene that I used for some first person tests I did in C++ after only having the engine for a few weeks and coding in C++ for even less time. Well, that was the plan. I managed to redesign the layout using 3DWS, and threw a few Dexsoft crates and Barrels in. The plan was then to work on textures but as usual after about an hour I had set sail on the good ship "unrelated" for a voyage across the bay of tangents. Don't you just hate it when that happens? :rolleyes:


The scene under modification was for my FPS prototype code in Blitzmax, whilst sorting through my code "archives" I came across my basic code for NPC creation with basic Seek : Pursue : Attack Behaviour (an NPC Type using methods which I wrote about here). Integrating it into my FPS prototype was easy enough and an hour and a few more dozen tweaking "tangents" later I had it all working quite well. The video basically shows 3 "settings" for NPC toughness.



Best viewed in HD


Player Control was a bit "twitchy" as I have yet to tweak the Xbox 360 gamepad functions for smoother action, also the screen capture lag did not help :rolleyes:


It all still needs a lot of work but I was happy with the results thus far.


I guess tomorrow I will do what I was intending to do today ... or maybe not :D


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@Franck : No not Recast, the bug class is autonomous and contains collision avoidance and a "centre of attention algorithm".


@Josh : The bugs a class but the player is still a library of functions that I am still "playing" with. I was going to get on with what I did not do yesterday but I'd like to clean up the bug class and tie it into bug "creation" nodes that I can simple place in the scene via the editor so the positions and number of bugs are read from the .sbx. One problem is instancing, I have to have seperate models and scripts to prevent the "do for one do for all" outcome.


@Pixel and Dave : Thanks :unsure: still very much a WIP but slowly coalescing.

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Very nice video. I also saw some other videos on your channel. The "AI" is pretty good. You must be proud of it :unsure:

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@RVL: Well for what it is and does, yes. But the problem with raycasts is the micro freezing on the initial cast, which is the same for the "bullets".Not so bad on really basic shapes or primitives but really noticeable on the "bug" model when firing at it and the Player HUD gun model when the bugs collision rays hit it for the first time (or indeed if one bug casts onto another) Having to use individual models to over come the instancing "do for one do for all" outcome means thus far too much micro freezing.

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You had all those grenades and you were using bullets?!!


@GameCreator : lol yeah, but the bullets are far more fun, and I was just "looking after" the grenades for someone as I was doing some "visuals" for him, so not really my place to show them off ;) besides .. the bullets worked just fine see!! :unsure:

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very impressive MG !

good AI work,

i wish i could do that for my cars...



Thanks diedir, I guess the principle would work for cars, do you mean on a track? if so waypoints would be needed I think.

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spiders scare me a lot at that scale



lol, I think any "creepy crawly" which grew to that size would invoke some degree of trepidation.

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Nice demo.

A little suggestion maybe you can try to let your ai predict where player is going, as for now it seem more following the last position where player is.

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@Joh: More than likely a value set too low in the playervisible function portion of the class, I see what you mean though, probably did not notice whilst unleashing death on them :unsure: I expect a few variables still need tweeking as they are still set for the 3rd person testing I did.

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Very good work MG, now if you could just get that pesky spider to "learn" how you play.... :unsure:


Instancing will be a very nice update..

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