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Luawerks Update



Luawerks has been updated this morning, making the console more responsive and a new tab for the Options Menu for user's to bind keys to actions.

Actions have always been part of Luawerks, but until now, there wasn't really a motive to use them. Now, the Action class look in the config to check what key the user binded to that action. You can read more on how this works here. Like the console, this may be improved more in the future. 


About Luawerks

Luawerks is a Lua framework for video games developed on the Leadwerks Game Engine. It supplies developers with additional functions, handles the game loop and allows them to debug their code with a developers console. With all that out of the way, you can focus on making your game fun!

You can purchase Luawerks from the Leadwerks Workshop Store for $9.99.

For documentation and bug reporting, please visit the GitHub page.


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