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Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament 2016



At last, it is time for the 2016 Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament! This is going to be a big one, for a few reasons.

  • We're very likely to reach 100 games in Leadwerks Game Launcher, which means it will be ready to move out of early access mode and be an official release on Steam.
  • As an experiment, you're getting two extra weeks to polish your games, with an extended deadline lasting until January 15th.




WHEN: The tournament begins Monday, December 5, and ends Sunday, January 15th at 11:59 P.M.


HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Publish your wintery-or-other-themed game to Steam Workshop or upload it to the games database before the deadline. You can work as a team or individually. Use blogs to share your work and get feedback as you build your game. If you need models for your game, we've got a Christmas props model pack for you to use for free from Leadwerks Workshop.


Games must have a preview image, title, and contain some minimal amount of gameplay (there has to be some way to win) to be considered entries. It is expected that most entries will be simple, given the time constraints.


PRIZES: Rather than a competition, this tournamant is a "co-opetition". Everyone who participates gets a prize!


If this is your first game tournament entry, you will receive a cool Leadwerks sticker in the mail.




If this is your second game tournament entry, you'll receive a collection of three limited-edition professionally printed postcards featuring beautiful Leadwerks screenshots. Send them to a friend or put them on the wall.




If this is your third game tournament entry, you'll receive the new Leadwerks USB stick, which is perfect for storing projects, code and artwork! The items will be printed with the Leadwerks logo for a distinctive look.




If this is your fourth game tournament entry, you'll receive a rockin' Leadwerks T-shirt in the mail. Wear it to show how cool you really are.




If this is your fifth game tournament entry, you'll receive the new Leadwerks hoodie! This gorgeous garment makes you look like a Silicon Valley startup geek. This light jacket is perfect for air-conditioned spaces that are just slightly chilly.




If this is your sixth game tournament entry, you will receive a Steam Controller. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind.


Bonus Prize

Everyone who participates also gets this bonus prize: an 11x17" poster mailed to your door! These posters will be printed only once, only for this event. This is your only time ever to get one, so make it count!
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Recommended Comments

Really like the flash drive idea as a prize, those are always handy!


Also thanks for the extra 2 weeks. things can be busy with the holidays and all. I'll see what I can come up with and make it workshop friendly unlike last time.

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This time I hope to put together something a bit more complete.


I think I will aim for 4 weeks as the 80/20 rule says there will be 80% to do at the 'end'! 2 weeks will help. Nothing concrete started yet.

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I've been kicking around the idea of making a benchmark tool maybe like 3dmark. Would that count?

If you added leaderboard support, it would be a game.


We meet again, shirt photo of mine. wink.png

TJHeldna has also promised a picture of a Koala bear modeling the hoodie.

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I sent you a PM but maybe better to post here. I suspect the hoodie is meant to be a fifth entry prize (not fourth, like the shirt) and the controller the sixth. But maybe it's intentional to not have people getting two hoodies or controllers if they submitted their fourth or fifth entry last tournament.

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If you added leaderboard support, it would be a game.



TJHeldna has also promised a picture of a Koala bear modeling the hoodie.


Tranquilizer first anybody?


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PRIZES: Rather than a competition, this tournamant is a "co-opetition". Everyone who participates gets a prize!

Even if the game is bad, will everyone win the prize? :)

Also, how do you post to people living outside the United States? How much is the shipping charge?

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Oooh, as soon i saw this on facebook a moment ago, i have been cracking my mind open already for a cool game idea ^^ (Yet to be found tho)


Been out of leadwerks for a while after my exams (burned out a bit hehe) and then internship started, which i'm still stuck with for atleast 16 weeks.. So i hope i can find time to do this! Like mentioned before, the 2 extra weeks helps a lot :)


I want to try to join as many as possible, because the hoodie looks neat & i still need one!


Goodluck & have fun to everyone :D

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