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Leadwerks Game Engine 4.1 Released



Leadwerks Game Engine 4.1 is now available on Steam. This release cranks up the already legendary Leadwerks visuals to new levels of awesome.



Environment Probes

The new environment probe entities can be used to add global illumination and reflections to any scene.



Volumetric Lighting

Each light in Leadwerks can now display an adjustable volumetric effect using a ray-marching technique to give your game dramatic visuals.



Enhanced Post-Processing Effects

Leadwerks 4.1 includes new built-in post-process effects including volumetric light scattering and screen-space ambient occlusion. Older effects like bloom have been updated for improved visuals.




Leadwerks Game Engine is available for purchase on Steam and can be purchased at a discount during the Steam summer sale, for Windows and Linux.

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Very nice job falks! Its was a wonderfull implement-addon that wuld be wery useful in future and current projects that actualy under developent )

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