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Four New Texture Packs Released in Workshop Store



Today we've got four new texture packs available for purchase in the Workshop Store.


The Blood Decals pack provides 30 hand-painted textures for spatters, drips, and puddles of human, animal, or alien blood. This is perfect for adding atmosphere and a sense of foreboding to an otherwise ordinary scene. You can even create trails of blood going down hallways and around corners.




Another creepy addition is the Spiderweb Materials pack. Create a sprite and use these materials to instantly age your level and the show years of neglect and abandonment your game setting has endured.




The Industrial Materials pack provides a set of high-quality high-definition materials for building an old factory setting. Combine them with either of the packs above to make a rich atmospheric scene.




Finally, Fire's Decal Pack provides additional bulletholes, cracks, and gore to decorate your scene with new decals.




You can get these items by opening the Workshop interface in Leadwerks by selecting the Workshop > Browse Workshop menu item in the main window.

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