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Three New Model Packs available in the Workshop Store



Today we are rolling out three new paid model packs by artist Nova Dimension.


The Urban Interior Pack contains everything you need to populate your decaying urban settings with fixtures, furniture, and survival supplies.








The Morgue Model Pack provides a creepy setting for horror or apocalyptic games. Just imagine how scary this could be with the right lighting and music.




Finally, the Old Furniture Pack provides an extended collection of every type of furniture prop imaginable, along with some old electronics like retro televisions and a radio.




All items are ready to use in Leadwerks. You can get each of these model packs now for $9.99.

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As I can see from the screenshots, some very detailed models but still low poly. Great to actually see larger packs like this in the workshop. Am gonna use them If i make a related game.

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Can we buy these through the Steam client? If I have to use the links above and use my Steam Wallet, then I'm fine with that if there's no alternative yet.

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