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Marleys Ghost


I have not entirely made my mind up on the new SSDO (screen-space directional occlusion). I liked, in some circumstances, the effect SSAO gave, especially on bump mapped brick textures. But I find SSDO to be quite "fizzy" possibly from the curve on the camera look values. This may well be down to settings but so far try as I might I still get this. Not sure it will be useful in an FPS situation as the HUD model seems to interact.




It does however have a very pleasing effect on "organic" assets.




I think I will "play" some more with it, see if I can reduce the "fizzing". :)


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I think in UDK you could define render/post effect render volumes. ie

You'd define a volume/area where a certain type of PP effect would be implemented. So for your example you'd have an area for SSDO on the outside area of your level and SSAO on the inside bit of your level.


I suspect you could do this now with a bit of interaction with the framework and placing markers in the editor.


Just an idea...

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A blur operation would probably be cheap and effective. You could just do this in postfilter.frag, where the SSAO texture is read. Just read four pixels instead of one, and average the results. It would also get rid of that edge line.

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