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What's in a quest?



"To give you an idea of the character interaction, this special feature will highlight a few parts of a minor subquest.


All of you who’ve played a role-playing game are familiar with the standard retrieve item-receive reward type of quest.

There’s nothing wrong with those, and as a matter of fact, they are very useful for introducing a player into a universe. Unfortunately, typically those quests are implemented as “Hi how are you – if you get me this sword, I’ll give you 500 coins”, and that’s it. [...] "

(not by me, credits go to larian studios)

-> http://www.larian.com/Site/english/divinity/special_02.html


That is what I have been thinking about, too .

In my game which I have no name for at the moment I will implement very complex Interaction

inside the world , and also with the Npcs .

I know this might seem to be a huge project, but I am very into this so I am going to make a pre alpha in january 2016.


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Bro, I feel you. Been there, done that - at least I tried (not with leadwerks, though). Rick has a point. You might want to take a look at the pros in the gaming industry and then try to understand why they do what they do.


If you want to make an open world game like... say <famous-dragon-slayer-game-with-talking-cats> you need to consider a lot of things here since the player might have access to the quest at any time during gameplay. There's a whole lot of scripting involved to make even tiny quests feel "real".


Then there's a lot of testing ahead, since not only the player's actions within the quest line can break the quests, it's also other quests or game mechanics that can do so.


You should start small, get a feeling for what's possible with the engine and then move on to bigger things. If you have this one big vision of how your game should work it's quite frustrating when you discover that the engine itself can't handle it.


In the End there's no big difference between "bring me this I'll give you that" to "go to lots of different places, talk to lots of different NPCs, solve lots of different puzzles, then bring me this and I'll give you that" if the story does not hold up to the effort or your scripting gives away too much hints - or the opposite.

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