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Week in preview-23/03/15



Now, I don't want to make this too long, but bear with me as this is a great way to keep up to date with the game and will serve as a backbone for when I want to re-use things in future projects.


So let's start with probably the biggest piece of news, last week an unique picture was uploaded and it showed "The Eater" in all his former glory.


Honestly, I think he looks fantastic and will most likely scare the hell out of the player when he first meets him. The thing with "The Eater" is that he is blind (you can tell by the picture that he has no eyes), this means that he works via sounds, echolocation if you will, you can completely sneak by him if you don't make any noise what-so-ever. Ever seen the "Daredevil" movie? It kind of works like that.


This will of course be advantageous to the player as he can throw things to distract the monster and sneak away or open a new path in order to progress through the level.


I should mention though that he doesn't patrol if he doesn't hear anything, he just stands there. (In the picture I was running so of course he heard me.)



I think this one turned out great as it demonstrates the awesome lighting of the sewers while mantaining a bit of the "what is down there?" feeling. A lot of people are wondering why are the barrels there, you obviously never been to a sewer. :P



This picture was taken in the dungeon, and it highlights the shadows, that, with a bit of shader work can look truly magnificent! I should mention that the shadows serve another purpose than to look good and make the game atmospheric....but more about that next week...



Last bit of news is the indiegogo, as you may know, the game has a campaign on indiegogo with the minimum amount of 500$ as it's goal. It pains be to say that as I write this, only 93/500$ were raised.

I will still get a bit of the funds received by people, and honestly, I dind't even think I would get a single dollar, let alone 93$. And with only 4 days left in it, I highly doubt that I will get the remaining funds for it, and that huge sale of almost every perk isn't helping as much as I thought....BUT HEY! This doesn't mean that I'm quitting in anyway shape or form. Honestly, it just motivates me to do better.

Thanks for reading the first WIP. I shall look forward to your participation in next week's WIP coming 30th of march. But before we leave, here's what I have planned to do for next week.

  • Inventory System (Start working on this)
  • Various 3D models
  • New monster
  • Work on the Hell sections of the game (this is going to be a bit tricky :P)
  • Program an optimized patrol script for the monsters.

Thanks for reading, once again.


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Once you will have lot more stuff, more polishing and a strong demo, you will get lot more chance of big success. Keep the effort :)

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Once you will have lot more stuff, more polishing and a strong demo, you will get lot more chance of big success. Keep the effort smile.png


Thank you for the kind words :)

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Looking good, progress reports are a good thing to do.


Regarding the Indiegogo, it was probably just a bit to early.

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I've read in some places that talk about where you should make a video with yourself talking to the camera/people for your crowd funding. They are giving money to YOU as much or more than they are your game. It's about trusting you and that you can deliver. This is why the most people who are successful on these have past reputation in the game industry (a secret that you don't hear that much). You have to really put yourself out there for this stuff. Note that your age probably isn't going to help you any sadly, so you'll have to work extra hard to get that money.

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It depends , i seen many people epxosing themselves but producing **** games really bad ones. Lot of talk and exposing video, but it was lot of times very very vaporware , leading to a not so good or bad game at final.


I got some Mmo examples: one kickstarter that got founded but the authors after two years still don't have anything : yes lot of exposure and lot of talk , but what they produced is just bad and very far from a complete game.


Molyneux and it's last indie production is also very exposed but all people are asking where all that money has been spent laugh.png


I prefer less talk, less exposure and a solid demo or outstanding video smile.png


While i seen great games coming out of nowhere without the author exposed.

The demo quality and the work seen on the video is something that is visible (effects, polish of the level, animations, lightening etc ...)


When the video and demo are still amateur look and feel , it's hard to get people attention and ask for money.


I played some game demo, and i was totally convinced about the game, on where it will go the overall quality of the demo was just pro quality, and i was sure to bet money on a winning game.


At lest this is what makes me keep following some indie game or just ignore it.


Exposing your game too early is a big mistake.

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Exposing your game too early is a big mistake.


I think asking for money too early is where the mistake is. Just putting it out there in screenshots/video and some kind of playable demo I think doesn't hurt much. People knowing the name of your game isn't a bad thing. Getting people to know the name is the hardest part. There are so many games out there.

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There are so many games out there.

So many hobbyst games also, quality games are rare among indies.

when there is big quality , it is big success.

Last successfull one is Ori, a game made with love and passion.


While some people just make games to make a game or for fun, only few got lot of attention and polishing.


I think this is where you can really make the difference :

- dynamic effects and entities (wind, animals and birds, particles dust, flags in the wind etc ...) will make it more alive.

- lot of little details making the game unique and giving it a real story

- polishing : perhaps less content but lot more polished

- the overall pleasure playing the game and the pleasure of discovring new things and new areas.

- rewarding the player and the sense of accomplishment.



The games i seen really succeed where games made with lot of passion and love, and lot of attention to quality of assets and on details.

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Thank you all for the comments, after reading through all of them I immediatly realized my mistake, it was too early to put it out there for crowdfunding, but I won't let that demolish me. I'll keep working on it, polishing it and making it look better. Thank you for your criticism.

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