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Leadwerks Winter Games Results




The results of the Leadwerks Winter Games Tournament are in! I think you will agree, this tournament produced some very fun playable games. You can download all of these games and more in the Leadwerks Games Listing. Each author will receive a Leadwerks sticker via mail (Gonan gets a Leadwerks T-Shirt since this is his second entry.)


So without further ado, let's look at the games, in no particular order:


Crime Closer

By nick.ace

Catch the crooks before they get away!




Next Monday

By MarkusR

Shoot zombies and collect coins. The variety of scripted events make this game full of fun surprises.




One More Day

By xtom

A survival horror game in the making, with an interesting inventory system and nice level design.




The Hankinator's Fun House

By thehankinator

Get to the Christmas party on time! Each room is a different challenge, with a wide variety of puzzles to solve.




Space Runner

By darklord987

Run through a space station without getting smashed in this fast-paced arcade thrill.




Holiday Foot Race

By smigergon

Speed through a Christmas-themed track in a frantic low-friction race against the clock.




LOSW: Last One Standing Wins

By Gonan

It's zombies vs. mutants in this no-holds-barred brawl to victory. Place your bets on the side you think will win!




Crazy Present Auto Dash

By mdgunn

Santa has been dropping presents all over the place. Get in your car and collect all the presents before the time runs out.




Slastraf Horror

By Mr. Shawkly

"Slastraf Horror" is a horror game inspired by slender and other "modern horror stories".

This game is right now in pre-alpha and you can get it for free.




Atomic Parkour

By Atomic Hashtag

This 3D jumping platformer is deceptively simple. You will die, repeatedly.



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Yeah, well done people. Some good little games.


Highlights for me are the start screen for next monday and the laser grid in frankinators Fun House.

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