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Marleys Ghost


Well, after much testing I have decided on an actual 3D modelling app to use in my workflow. I already have Blender, and while there are some very skilled users of this on the forum (Niosop and afecelis spring to mind and their tutorials are definitely worth checking out), I still find its user interface awkward and clumsy. So I demo'd a few different ones that would not break the bank. In the end I decided on AC3D. I find it simple to use and has enough features for what I wanted it for. 3DWS is still my main application for creating architecture, but I needed something for what I call redundant decoration, and so far AC3D has proved to be just what I was looking for.



Redundant Decoration is simply my term for low poly non functional assets, like in the picture below, filing cabinets, desks, fake PC's ect.





Filing Cabinet: 12 Polys

Desk: 192 Polys (currently, still room for "pruning")

PC Screen & Keyboard: 70 Polys


The textures still need some work, but using a combination of ShaderMap Pro and manual editing on the normal maps has produced some promising results.


So far I am impressed with AC3D, and would recommend to those who were looking for a low priced 3D Modeller to check out its 14 day demo. Combined with 3DWS, Blender and UU3D I think I have this side of development sewn up application wise. :)


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Guest Red Ocktober


hahahahahahaaaaaaa... you two outta take your act on the road :(



hey, that screenie looks great... that's what you consider low poly... hey, most of my in-game stuff is lower poly that that...


hhmmmm... maybe that's why my stuff looks so crude...



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