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Leadwerks Game Engine on Steam gets plugin post-effects system



Leadwerks Game Engine on Steam has been updated with bug fixes and a host of new features that are now out of beta.

Crowdsourcing Post-Processing Effects

Although Leadwerks 2 featured an extensive set of post-processing effects, they were all hard-coded into the engine. This limited the ease with which new effects could be added, and caused all Leadwerks screenshots to look similar. In Leadwerks 3 we decided to implement a post-processing stack of shaders. You can attach post-processing effects to the scene root in the editor and move them around to get different appearances.


We're already seeing a greater diversity of looks and effects than what Leadwerks 2 could render. By effectively crowdsourcing post-effects, we're creating a stronger platform for innovation of new plug-in effects, from the realistic to the fantastic. The post-processing features are included in both the Indie and Standard editions of Leadwerks 3.1.







Built-In Screenshot and Video Publishing

You can now publish screenshots and videos straight to your Steam profile from the Leadwerks Editor. To render a screenshot, select the Render > Render Screenshot menu item. After your image renders, press the Publish button to send it to Steam, where it will appear in your Steam profile and in the Leadwerks Community Hub.

Improved Project Management Tools

To avoid confusion with outdated projects, the project's status will now be displayed in the project manager. If the project is older than the template folder, a warning icon will be displayed. In addition, the script editor will now warn once about an out-of-date project before running.




Leadwerks Game Engine is available on Steam for $99.

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