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Leadwerks 3.0 Update Available



Leadwerks 3.0 has been updated with bug fixes and productivity enhancements. To get the update, run the Leadwerks Updater. Use the Project Manager to update your project with the latest files.


Resolved bug reports are listed in the Bug Report Forum. This release fixes a few issues including Android multitouch indexes sometimes not working right, sphere casting that was sometimes wrong, and several other small problems.


Some new enhancements have been made to improve productivity. Camera entities will now show a volume when selected, indicating their view frustum:



The asset browser now uses a solid background to indicate which file is selected. You can now use the arrow keys to navigate files in the asset browser, and the enter key will open the selected file:



In order to achieve compliance with UAC and other OS permission systems, Leadwerks will now store the program log and config file in the correct "AppData" folder. On Windows, this is "C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Local\Leadwerks". On OSX this is "Library/Application Support/Leadwerks". If you want to edit your config file by hand you must find it there. You do not need to manually move any files, as the editor will automatically copy your config file to the correct location.


The default location for projects has been moved to the user's Documents directory. This will not affect your existing installation, as the editor will read your current projects path from your configuration file. If you wish, you can change the default projects path in the Options dialog, under the Paths tab.

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Finally the fine way to manage the camera in editor. Cool! Now we're only missing better gizmos to visually see how an object/pivot is rotated (for both world and local space), unless it's already included in this update (downloading now).

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