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A first look at the terrain editor



I'm starting to get terrain integrated into the Leadwerks 3 editor. For the most part, it stays pretty close to the design of the terrain tools in Leadwerks 2, and you should have no trouble figuring it out. I'm implementing the critical features first: This will be added into version 3.0 before the release of 3.1.




As I described in my previous blog, my goal is to take all the lessons learned from Leadwerks 2 and come up with something more refined and powerful.

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I updated the screenshot. It's not necessary to totally obsess over the layout like I did with the core tools, we just need to make sure everything is easily accessible and easy enough to use.

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Looks nice and familiar, but also remembers me about a small feature request, which was originaly made for le2. Maybe you can add a mask brush to the sculpting feature?

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I'm going to focus on the essentials first, but this toolset will have a much longer life and allow more features than we could do before.

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