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Leadwerks Seeks to put Game Development on Linux



Linux is a solid and secure operating system that’s perfect for gaming, but at this time Windows remains the lead platform for PC games. One company wants to change that by putting the game development process right on Linux. Leadwerks Software has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their game development software to the Linux operating system. The company says this will allow users to build and play games without ever leaving the Linux operating system.


The company's Kickstarter page lists three goals for the campaign. First, they point out that most Linux games are ported over from Windows, rather than being developed natively on Linux. The company wants to change this by putting the game development process on Linux.


Second, the company hopes to expand the Linux library of games. They say that putting game development tools in the hands of Linux users will allow more Linux games to be built, and can even lead to Linux-exclusive titles.


Leadwerks is known for advanced graphics, and the company says they want to bring this to Linux. This will let Linux users play AAA games that run natively on Linux, instead of going through emulators like WINE. The company points out that the superior performance of OpenGL on Linux makes it the perfect platform for AAA games.


Leadwerks is also running a Greenlight campaign to put Leadwerks on Steam and integrate Steam features to streamline the game development process.


Leadwerks Software aims to raise $20,000 in 45 days to build Leadwerks for Linux. "We're really excited to be working with Steam and the Linux community," said Josh, founder of Leadwerks Software. "We think there's a unique opportunity here. The timing is right. I think Linux is really ready for mainstream PC gaming, and we really just want to take Linux gaming to the next level".


Recommended Comments

Good news for Linux users. smile.png I have never used it but I am sure I would make my game suited for linux when the possibility is there.


When you look at the humble bundle donations, linux has always to highest amount of donation average per donation. So my guess is that the linux community would be happy to support this.


Question about pricing?

If you have Leadwerks 3.0 (windows & mac), what do you pay for 3.1?

If you are a BACKER for Linux (100$) do I also get 3.1 for Windows and Mac?

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If you wish to go that route, you can get Leadwerks 3.1 through the KS campaign. I won't comment on upgrade pricing at this time because there's too many unknown factors.


From my point of view, I don't really care where the campaign goal amount comes from, as long as it is hit. If it succeeds, that tells me there's probably a good market for a Linux product with high-end graphics. If it fails, that tells me Linux users probably wouldn't have been interested anyways.


I think it's more up to the Linux community than the existing Leadwerks users. This tells me whether Linux is a growth market or whether we should ignore it. It's not perfect, but this is so much more efficient than building first and then finding out whether there is demand.

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