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Already purchased it. 60 euro for Windows 8 Pro is a very good price.



I think the same thing will happen as with windows vista. There are going to be millions complaining about this and that, xp was better bla bla etc.


After the dust setlles and people have gotten used to its new interface, people will actually start liking it.

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I think it's safe to say that it will sell better than Vista and worse than 7, in the next few years. People are content with 7, just like they were with XP and the economy doesn't justify most to upgrade for now.

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I installed it on desktop, laptop everywhere with Start8 .. and i am just enjoying new features without new interface :) I don't like only one thing and that's no option to choose, what i want to use( new interface<->desktop only ),that's all.

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"new interface" you mean metro? I love metro on my phone. Excited to work with it on desktop but not getting Win 8 until I get a touch screen monitor to take full advantage of the metro interface.

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