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A blog to keep track of my prohect development.

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Introducing: Rare Spawns

Today brings a minor but semi-major addition.  Rare Spawns.   defendTHIS! now has exactly 100 rare spawn mobs in the database.  These can occur only during live wave release, meaning there's only a chance for a rare spawn while a wave is actively being processed.   The random algorithm is quite intensive so I won't touch on that right now.   What are Rare Spawns good for you may be asking, here's a rundown: Collections Achievements Exotic items which may be needed for some ta

Entry 1 - enemy awareness.

After deciding to extend upon simple tower-defense monster interactions,  I decided that I wanted to take the mechanics a step further. Actually have my mobs respond to an ever changing enviroment. As with some tower defense games, the player is able to construct obstacles within the playfield to alter pathing and in general make it 'harder' on the mobs to reach their destination.   Enter the Wizard, our main player controlled character. By selecting a wizard I've been able to open doors to


Alienhead in Project Game Dev

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