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About this blog

After a long absence I'm back. I have been to busy coding some software for a company that my Leadwerks adventure had to rest. As before I like to try different things and just have some fun, that's the explanation why I call my Blog 'Poking Around'. I do have an idea of using the Ultra App Kit for an application that could be useful for Drawing Artists preparing Photos for their work. So let's call that one 'DrawBuddy' for now. Of course I will lose my way and fall into something else here, as usual 😀, but that's ok. My goal is just to have some relaxing fun and share ideas if possible.

My main thing is C++ as I have mainly been working as a C/C++ Software Developer all my life, although other languages has crossed my way of course (C#, PHP, Java, Objective-C, JScript and so on). However C++ is my love 🥰.  I have been working in Windows, Linux and Mac but right now it will be Windows.


Entries in this blog

Visual Studio Code and Ultra App Kit on Windows

Before doing anything I want to use Visual Studio Code in Windows instead of Visual Studio. The reason is that I'm already using Visual Studio Code for some other things and really like it and don't feel that installing Visual Studio just for compiling my Ultra App Kit development is something that I want to do. I got that working and will here describe how I did that. Maybe there's better ways, just give suggestions in that case. Anyway here we go then. I assume that you have he Ultra App
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