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About this blog

In this little blog I'm going to talk about the making of Twisted Minds, my first game ever published! Twisted Minds is a psychological horror game, cuts into seven different episodes. In each episode, the player will explore the darkest part of the human mind.

I'm making this blog for future reference, to share my experience as a game developer, as a student, as a learner and because this is my dream, making a video game, and I don't want to forget anything about the making process.

Maybe you will be able to learn about some little things even though I think I may learn more from you than you from me :)



Entries in this blog

Making of a fire particle

Hello everyone, for this first entry, let's talk about how I made fire particles in Twisted Minds. I wanted to create a fire particle made with a sprite sheet to decreased the number of particles I needed. Episode 3 will have a lot of fire involved. I didn't want to use the example from the manual, which needs too many particles. As a comparison, I decreased the number of particles I needed from 10 to only 5. I know, not a big deal, but it's still optimization, and the fire looks more real,


Ttiki in Making of

Welcome to this blog!

Hello everyone. First of all, let me begin this blog by some explanations about Twisted Minds, this blog, me, etc.  About me  I've been creating some simple little games for a while now. Never publishing them, just showing them off to my friends and family. It has always been a dream of mine to create my video game studio and create video games for a living. Those little game, simple as they were, always makes me continue forward into video game development and computer development i


Ttiki in News

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