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About this blog

What whas first planned as just a quick tool to position GUI widgets and save alot of time designing UI.
has slowly become something i might even release when finished.
it whas not created very user friendly since its purpose whas purely a quick positioning tool.
the editor allows the user to Add, Edit and Remove widgets from an empty canvas.
and export all positions and info into a Class(c++) or Table(Lua), which can be eaily added to a leadwerks project.
this way the actual changes in code would be minimal compared to coding each and every single widget by hand.
and then testing there positions etc.

some screenshots and a video.





Entries in this blog

Project Release

I decided to release the source/project for my GUIEditor. its an unfinished project and not at all optimized, although it is usable. you mite have to upgrade the source project to the latest version. written in c++. the project includes some custom gui scripts found in /Scripts/GUI/Custom. and a FileDialog i designed using widgets. GUIEditor.rar enjoy



Widget Fields

Finished and added Field functionality meaning its now possible to set the Fields for each widget. for example the style for a button (Push,Link,Checkbox), or backgroundcolor for panels etc. below is a screenshot of the fields in action   Next will be finishing support for custom widgets which i already started on as you can see in the screenshot above(colorlabel). At the moment the way to add your custom widgets is a 3 step process. First step is adding the widget nam



Exporting to code/script

finished basic exporting to lua or c++ code. the screenshot below results in the following files based on ExportType. Menu.lua --GUI Editor Generated function BuildMenu(context) local Menu = {} local scale = 1 --GUI local gui = GUI:Create(context) gui : SetScale(scale) Menu.gui=gui Menu.context=context --Panel Menu.Panel = Widget:Create("", 0, 0, 1024, 80, gui:GetBase(), "Scripts/GUI/Panel.lua") Menu.Panel:SetAlignment(tr



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