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A blog about the development of Structura

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Structura postmortem

Structura Postmortem https://store.steampowered.com/app/1422980/Structura/   This game was done in my spare time, was about 4 years till the early access. Probably 6 months of full time work at best. I want to thank some of my work colleagues , who gave good hints/help about the game, in the coffee breaks (different times , no covid ) And the Leadwerks community for always being helpful.   Early access release: 18 Dec, 2020 Full release: 6 May, 2021


aiaf in postmortem

Looking further

Ive decided to plan better and fix milestones so i can actually finish this game, the main problem is lack of time.But i have patience.   I got a domain and in the process to setup a website and a blog.The plan is to have a small release every 15 days. Will see how it goes, it would be nice to work full time on this but not possible at this time, still have to go to work for a living.   Currently im about to finish a somewhat starcraft like resource gathering mechanic. A mine has a 1 trans



Structura devblog report

A progress report on Structura   First i want to say im glad i choose Leadwerks engine, easy to use and freedom to choose how you develop.     This will be a single player rts game, is a long term project (written in c++, 11k lines of code at moment).   Have some ideas that will differentiate this game from others: Game is controlled by a command line and some kind of rudimentary ui.Will see how far i can go with this, its around 100 commands implemented at the moment. I added game pers



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